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Black Hole is a module system for the Gambit Scheme system.

Black Hole (from now and on addressed as ”BH”) enables Gambit with robust functionality for incremental software development, and thus enables Gambit for the development of large software projects.

BH is completely R5RS compliant, and any R5RS Scheme code can be taken into use within BH without any modifications.

Read further in the Introduction section of the documentation, found below.



Its latest version is avilable via GIT, and can be downloaded using GIT by

git clone


Is available in PDF, HTML, OpenOffice and Microsoft Word versions.

Bundled libraries

BH is bundled with a set of standard libraries, that serve a general purpose in Scheme software development. Please note however that BH in itself is completely independent of the bundled libraries, and can be separated from them without any modifications.

The bundled libraries include:

  • SRFI 1, 13, 14, 16, 19, 95
  • pregexp, digest, base64, UUID generator
  • HTTP client, server, URI handling
  • XML<->SXML routines
  • FIFO queue, mailbox, weight balanced tree, erlang-style list matcher
  • String, u8vector, list, exteption helper libraries
  • let-optionals

See the documentation for more information.

Additional libraries

Termite: A version suited for usage in Black Hole is found at X.

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