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Black Hole (“BH”) is a module system abstraction for Gambit providing recurring module file dependency compilation and loading, including export of macros, for regular R5RS Scheme.

Read further in the Introduction section of the documentation, found below.



Its latest version is avilable via GIT, and can be downloaded using GIT by

git clone git://

There are also some libraries for Black Hole at

git clone git://

or non-automatically, probably very old copy here.


Core documentation: PDF, OpenOffice and Microsoft Word

Bundled libraries documentation: PDF, OpenOffice and Microsoft Word

(The tutorial for the alpha release can still be found on .)

Bundled libraries

BH is bundled with a set of general purpose libraries, including:

  • SRFI 1 (list processing), 13 (string), 14 (character sets), 16 (case-lambda support), 19 (time data types and procedures), 95 (sorting)
  • pregexp, hash digestion, base64 handling, UUID generator
  • HTTP client, server, URI and session variable handling
  • XML<->SXML routines
  • FIFO queue, mailbox, weight balanced tree, erlang-style list matcher
  • String, u8vector, list, exception handling helper libraries
  • let-optionals support

BH's core is completely independent of the bundled libraries, and can be separated from them without any modifications.

See the documentation for more information.

Additional libraries

Termite: A version suited for usage in Black Hole is found at GitHub,

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