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Using Andre van Tonder's syntax-case & library system on gambit

There is a R6RS distribution located at gambit-r6rs.tgz. There is a compile script written in gambit scheme that will compile all the libraries together into a loadable library. The libraries are divided into 3 layers.

1. The gambit libraries are where all the extensions to r5rs are put
2. the standard and base libraries.
3. The srfi's that are implemented by gambit.

Gambit libraries:

(gambit threads)
(gambit exceptions)
(gambit extensions)
(gambit files)
(gambit io)
(gambit io readtable)
(gambit programs)
(gambit time)
(gambit will)

R6RS libraries implemented:

(rnrs syntax-case)
(rnrs r5rs)
(rnrs sorting)
(rnrs mutable-strings)
(rnrs mutable-pairs)
(rnrs arithmetic ...)
(rnrs conditions)
(rnrs exceptions)
(rnrs control)
(rnrs files)
(rnrs lists)
(rnrs base)
(rnrs records procedural)
(rnrs records inspection)

SRFI libraries:

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