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Using Andre van Tonder's syntax-case & library system on Gambit

The latest tarball is available at:


The project homepage is now


The darcs2 repository is available at


The err5rs records implementation can be independently used for your projects. Just copy the files:




 * Can you add the declarations (declare (standard-binding)(extended-bindings)(block)) to the top of the file?  That would decrease the size of the .c file passed to gcc.
 *I've added what you asked in the latest version. 

I'm having trouble getting things installed. Could you please add a couple of paragraphs of user guide here? I followed the installation instructions (modifying my .gambcini); then I did gsc -i compile. At this point, everything got compiled and copied to my ~/.gambit/lib directory. I then went to that directory, and did gsc -i, followed by (load "r6rs"). No joy, it did not recognize the library or import special forms. Any suggestions? Thanks! (This is a very cool project, though, and I'm sure I'm just doing something dumb.) Oh yes: Gambit-C 4.4.1 on OS X Leopard.

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